Franklin Lakes

Franklin Lakes is a medium sized town next to Wyckoff and Oakland and has traditionally been a very affluent town. The town has a spread out feel with a couple of main shopping centers around town, the most popular of which is called the Urban Farms Shopping center which hosts a variety of restaurants and stores, most notably The Market Basket.  Across the street from the shopping center, there is the Indian Trail country club where many Franklin Lakes residents are members.

The Franklin Lakes public school system is comprised of three local elementary schools and one main middle school. When it comes to high school, there are two public school choices, one of which, Ramapo, is in Franklin Lakes and Indian Hills is located in Oakland. There are also many private schools nearby for both boys and girls all with very good reputations.

Franklin Lakes has a strong recreational sports program which offers a multitude of sports with the main sport currently being youth boys/girls lacrosse.

There are some solid restaurants in Franklin Lakes such as Golden Dynasty or The Country Café, residents can go to neighboring towns to eat out, going to places such as Ridgewood and Ramsey.

Franklin Lakes does not have a train stop in the town but residents can take a train from the Ridgewood train station or commute from one of the bus stops for all their public transportation needs. The town holds a couple of events throughout the year as well such as an Annual Christmas tree lighting and a carnival towards the end of the summer. A notable resident of the town is Phil Simms, former NFL quarterback for the Giants and current game commentator.